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Дата публикации статьи в журнале: 16/07/2018
Название журнала: Международный журнал Содружество, Выпуск: 26, Том: 1, Страницы в выпуске: 16-19
Автор: Dong Chaozhong
Wuhan, Wuhan Textile University ,
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Анотация: Engraving printing is the earliest type of printing in China, and also called the whole printing or woodblock printing, which is known as "living fossil" in the history of printing. About the third century A.D..with the appearance of paper and ink, seals began to be popular. Enlarge the seal into a plate, ink, mode of the rubbing and lay the paper on the board for printing, it is the prototype of engraving printing.
Ключевые слова: engraving printing signet inheritance                    
Данные для цитирования: Dong Chaozhong . ENGRAVING PRINTING TECHNOLOGY IN SONG DYNASTY (16-19). Международный журнал Содружество. Искусствоведение. 16/07/2018; 26(1):16-19.

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