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Дата публикации статьи в журнале: 07/08/2017
Название журнала: Международный журнал Содружество, Выпуск: 16, Том: 1, Страницы в выпуске: 4-10
Автор: Putilov B. A.
Irkutsk, Irkutsk State Technical University,
Автор: Bulnaev A. I.
Irkutsk, Irkutsk State Technical University,
, ,
Анотация: Finding the deposit of Millennium in the basement of Athabasca Basin in Canada close to B1 conductor stipulated the authors to revealing similar objects in the territories of Russia with identical geological structure. As a result of an integrated data interpretation following a geophysical survey in the western part of the Berezovsky Basin trough, the authors identified some previously unknown conducting structures of the north-western run and characterized by a specific “ladder “formation. These structures were found to be outstretched in one direction due to linear zones of increased electrical conductivity, alternating magnetic field and a gamma-radiation field of a lower intensity. Within one of such structures, an anomaly was detected by means of an electromagnetic sensing. It had a decreased specific electrical resistance and was caused by an accumulation of graphite. Following drilling within the anomalous zone, Bukharovskoe uranium ore occurrence was discovered in the basement below the surface of the unconformity in the graphitized shale xenoliths. Projected uranium resources amount to more than four thousand tons
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Данные для цитирования: Putilov B. A. Bulnaev A. I. . NEW GEOPHYSICAL CRITERIA OF SEARCH UNCONFORMITY – ASSOCIATED URANIUM DEPOSITS IN BEREZOVSKY TROUGH BOTTOM ( RUSSIA, TRANSBAIKAL TERRITORY ). Международный журнал Содружество. Геолого-минералогические науки. 07/08/2017; 16(1):4-10.

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